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Oh, wow... I so meant to finish posting this. I swear. *facepalm* Here's the next chapter... Enjoy!


Capturing the Past - Chapter Seven )
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I'll feel so much better when I've finished posting this. But I don't want to overwhelm anyone actually following me on DW, so... I'll post another chapter later today. And then maybe the last one, too. We'll see how the day goes.

For now, here's the next chapter!

Capturing the Past - Chapter Six )
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Well, this is better than before, that's a plus...

I don't really have a lot to say here, except here's presenting the next chapter!

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I have no excuses. I'm just sorry. I'll do better, promise.


Here's the next chapter...

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Okay... I blame my forgetfulness on the fact that I'm in a play, and that I'm writing my next Phineas and Ferb fic. That doesn't let me off the hook, but it is a reason...

Here's the next chapter!

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I meant to do this one a day, but apparently I don't have enough patience today. At least it's not five minutes after the last post...

Here's the next chapter!

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Well, well, well... I have written my first multi-chapter Phineas and Ferb fic. I guess that means I'm fully vested in the fandom, hmm? That's not so bad a place to be - it's so much fun here.  ;-)

I did my share of reading through the summaries of P&F stories at, and there were a whole lot dealing with Candace and Phineas' biological father coming back into their lives and causing havoc. My muse decided to take that as a challenge, of course. My muse is weird that way. Now, I'm not making any comment as to the quality of any of those stories; I never read the stories themselves (well, I did read one, and it was very good), only the summaries. Which also means that if there are elements that sound like something someone else used, it's a total and complete coincidence.

True story!

And speaking of stories, here's the first chapter of my latest.

Capturing the Past - Chapter One )
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